Data Centre Outage

  • 9th October 2016
There has been an outage at our Slough data centre this morning from 02:00 - 08:00. The outage affected the following services:EmailOur servers SPRINT, MAIL, TAY, BOURNE and STOUR were affected by the outage.WEBOur web servers, DOE, ROE, DEE, LUNE, SARK and TRENT were affected by the outage.Servers, CHERWELL, NENE, MERSEY and NINAH were not ...
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Telephone Number Changes for TGIS

  • 19th September 2016
The TGIS telephone system is changing!We have been testing VOIP (Voice Over IP) telephony for two years, to ensure that the voice quality is 100% as well as the reliability of the service. The service we are using is available as a hosted product from TGIS and we thoroughly recommend it to all our customers.From 1 October 2016 we will no longer be ...
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Brief Data Centre Outage Over

  • 23rd November 2015
The TGIS data centre network has been down this morning for 2 hours 38 minutes 17 seconds beginning at around 07:50. The issue was caused by a cable fault to the Internet and affected two large data centres in Slough. We are housed in one of these centres.The issue is now resolved and the data centre is back online. Thanks for your patience while ...
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TGIS Telephone Upgrade Almost Complete

  • 14th August 2015
TGIS Service Announcement The TGIS telephone network has been upgraded to enable us to take more calls simultaneously. We are waiting for the network change to propagate and, while this is happening there is some disruption to our bank of numbers starting with 01344 989***. This should be sorted within the next very short while but in the ...
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