Telephone Number Changes for TGIS

  • Monday, 19th September, 2016
  • 09:39am
The TGIS telephone system is changing!

We have been testing VOIP (Voice Over IP) telephony for two years, to ensure that the voice quality is 100% as well as the reliability of the service. The service we are using is available as a hosted product from TGIS and we thoroughly recommend it to all our customers.

From 1 October 2016 we will no longer be available on the old telephone numbers and will only answer on the alternate numbers we've been using for two years. The numbers being discontinued are:

01344 641621
01344 641622
01344 641623
01344 641624
01344 641625
01344 641626 (FAX)
01344 641627

The new number for TGIS accounts, helpdesk and all after hours support queries are:

01344 989160 (6 lines)
01344 989440 (FAX)

This information will also be Emailed to all customer contacts in our database. Please be sure to use the new telephone numbers from 01 October 2016.

Many thanks for your support.

-= The TGIS Team =-
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