WebSecure - What's it all about and what go you get?

WebSecure Security - What is it about?

  • Web site monitoring (that detects malware, spam, defacement, blacklisting and similar issues)
  • Web site scanning on demand. Yes - you ask us to scan it and we'll do it for you with pleasure - free of charge.
  • Full web site cleanup. Yes, we will remove the malware for you. However, it is not automated. You have to request it.
  • Alerts via Email and/or SMS. It means that if we detect a security issue, you will be notified ASAP.
  • Server side scanning. A service complimentary to our external malware scanner that checks every single file for vulnerabilities and malware.
  • WordPress Security Plugin: For our customers running WordPress, this plugin offers additional layers of security to keep your site safe.

What do you do next? Simply call us (01344 989160) or raise a ticket and we'll go through the options with you.
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