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If the DSL light on your router is flashing, it means the router cannot connect to the broadband line. This normally means there is a problem with your broadband line. Before calling the TGIS helpdesk you should perform the following steps:

Plug a telephone into the wall socket (remove the ADSL filter first)

Lift the handset - is there a dialtone? If no dialtone, your telephone line may be faulty. This would cause your broadband to cease working.

If your line is faulty, call your telephone supplier and report the telephone line faulty.

If you get a dialtone, continue as follows:

Locate your router

Switch it off and wait for ten seconds before switching it back on

Wait for five minutes and watch the lights - the DSL light should go solid (not flashing)

If, after performing the above steps, you still do not have broadband, please call the TGIS helpdesk on 01344 641627 or raise a ticket by creating a new supporrt ticket on the TGIS support portal.

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