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  • יום שני, 26 אוגוסט, 2013
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IMPORTANT TGIS UPDATE - Domain Renewal Payments

Dear TGIS Customer

For the first time in 18 years, we are having to change our policy with regard to domain name registration and renewals, to fully comply with global domain policies and procedures.

With effect from 1 October 2013, all domain renewals must be paid before the expiry date of the domain. All top level domain registrars require renewals to be paid before the domain expiry date if the domain customer wishes to retain the domain.

If you have domains registered with TGIS, please log into your client area at using the username and password we sent you when we originally set up your account on the new system. Enter valid credit or debit card data into the boxes provided. If you do not have a credit or debit card available for the purpose of domain renewal, please call us as soon as possible.

If you cannot remember your login details, please drop an Email to (or call 01344 989160) requesting the details and we'll reset and resend your password to you. Need help using the system? Please call us so we can help.

Our system will send you several reminders via Email, beginning from up to 60 days before the domain expiry date.

Providing you have valid credit or debit card details on file, the system should automatically take payment for the renewal(s) when due. If for any reason the card payment fails, you will receive notification from the system and you should call us urgently, as payment collection is attempted only 3 days before the expiry date of the domain.

Please note:
Please would you take the time to log in to your client area and make sure that any services you have with us other than domain renewals are set to the correct payment method, eg. BACS, Direct Debit, Cheque by Mail, etc. If you only wish your domain renewals to be paid by card, then only the domains should be set to "Credit Card". If you would like us to help you with this, please call us and we'll make your required changes for you while you're on the telephone to us.

Please note:
If you have domains registered with us, please do take the time to read and comply with this service update, as we will not be held responsible for domains expiring should you not pay the renewal before the due date.

Thanks so much for entrusting your domains and Internet services to TGIS.


Chris, Cindy, John, Linda

The TGIS Team
01344 989160
01344 641627

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