Which SSL Certificate should you choose?

When choosing an SSL certificate, the choice between a domain vetted, organisation vetted or extended validation (EV) SSL certificate is an important choice to make for your business. We hope this overview of the differences between these various types of SSL certificates helps you choose. Don’t forget – if after reading this you’re still not sure, please contact TGIS and ask the question before you go ahead and order.

Domain validated SSL Certificates

What is a Domain Validated SSL?

A domain validated SSL certificate is issued after a validation check by Email of the applicant’s association with the domain. The applicant has to have access to an Email address that is related to the domain name, eg. admin@domainname.com. Using this method is a reliable way to ensure that the applicant is really the owner of the domain name for which the certificate has been ordered.

What are the advantages?

A domain validated SSL certificate is inexpensive and supplied very quickly, mostly within only a short while after the order has been placed. This makes it easy to have the certificate issued and is a popular way to secure a site fast.

What are the disadvantages?

Because the validation process is short and the organisation behind the domain is not vetted, a domain validated certificate doesn’t provide a 100% guarantee to your site visitors that your organisation is reliable or safe.

When is this a good choice?

If you only need a SSL certificate for the protection of your data transmissions, such as a logon password for your site, and there is no need to persuade your visitors to commit some sort of action (like buying one of your products), then a domain validated SSL certificate will give you the protection that you need.

Organisation validated SSL Certificates

What is an Organisation Validated SSL?

An organisation vetted SSL certificate is issued only after an identity-check of the organisation that has requested the certificate. This is done by checking the official registration of the organisation and vetting the telephone numbers listed for the organisation at such places as Dun and Bradstreet, etc. Only once the organisation has completed the process of proving they are who they say they are is the certificate issued.

What are the disadvantages?

An organisation vetted SSL certificate allows visitors to check which organisation is behind a domain name and goes a long way to ensure that the visitor knows the website is safe to use for data transfer, shopping, etc.

What are the disadvantages?

An organisation vetted SSL certificate has a longer delivery time of 1 to 7 working days and, depending on the information provided at the time of purchase, the validation authority could ask for documented proof of business registration, address, etc.

When is this a good choice?

When visitors to your website need to be persuaded it’s safe to commit an action, like registering a login and password, leaving their contact information or buying a product, an organisation vetted SSL certificate can help to assure them of the safety of your site.

Organisation Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates

What is an EV SSL?

A SSL certificate with EV (Extended Validation) is only issued after an extensive check of the applicant’s identity and reliability. Once a website is protected by an extended validation SSL certificate, the address field in the internet browser gets a green colour whenever a visitor accesses the site.

What are the advantages?

A SSL certificate with EV gives a 100% guarantee that a website is reliable and safe, made visible by the green address field in the internet browser.

What are the disadvantages?

Extended validation SSL certificates cost more than any other SSL certificates and there is a longer delivery time of anything up to 1 to 2 weeks while the extended company validation takes place.

When is this a good choice?

When financial or personal data are sent from and to your website, an SSL certificate with EV is essential. Visitors can only be 100% certain that their data is safe when an extended validation SSL certificate is installed. This sort of certificate is specifically designed for online shopping sites and installation of an EV SSL Certificate should lead to a significant increase in sales, as visiting customers feel secure in the knowledge that the domain, the organisation and the company background have all been extensively checked out.

Support all the way

All SSL products and are sold to you with 100% support all the way down the line. If we are hosting your website we will install the SSL certificate for you on request. We’ll make sure that it’s renewed each year on time if you want us to do that for you.

The TGIS team will never over or undersell you an SSL certificate. We will ensure you purchase the certificate you need. If you are not sure which SSL certificate you need please do raise a ticket or call us on 01344 989160.

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